RiDE to muzyka

RiDE is a music. That Inspires

We know that fitness can be fun. Each RIDE playlist is custom curated to bring the club to your workout. Positive energy is inside you. Just follow the music. RIDE is the only place in Poland, where while exercising you will not only achieve maximum sport results but also have a chance to have great fun, to relief stress and release natural joy of life. With our motivational instructors, mind-blowing playlists, dimmed lights, and modern space, we create an environment where you can change your body and change your life.

RiDE is different

  • RiDE is the first boutique fitness studio in Poland, where you can find totally unique types of indoor cycling classes.
  • Great location in the Warsaw city center, top-of-line equipment and modern infrastructure.
  • High-tech bicycles monitoring your progress on a regular basis.
  • Team consisting of selected and trained fitness experts led by master instructor from US.
  • No contract in RiDE, pay as you go and booking along with payment is made via internet.

Feel the difference in RiDE.

W RiDE jest inaczej
RiDE to styl ┼╝ycia

RiDE is a lifestyle

RiDE lifestyle does not end after 45 minute of exercising. We believe that holistic approach to sport allows to keep health and enjoy life every day. Thanks to full availability, you can monitor your progress on an ongoing basis, make workout plans, set further goals. Our instructors and employees always serve you with their expertise and offer aid. We also provide fresh fruit, water and support helping you live in harmony and find joy in everyday actions. We want to gather around us people for whom such values are as important as they are for us. Come and feel a part of RIDE.

Great transformations start with making a decision.

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