Set on your journey with RiDE with top indoor cycling instructors in Poland. During 45 minute you experience a cycling workout of variable intensity, focused on various muscle parts.


Performance Plus

Performance Plus

Conquer your own weaknesses, compete with others and create a better version of yourself. Performance Plus exercise is a challenge for people committed to building own condition or preparing to endurance and strength competitions.


Your first RiDE – a few tips

Arrive 15 minutes in advance – we will use this time to show you around the studio and to perfectly adjust the bike.

repare well fitted, comfortable sport outfit - ride comfort is the basis for fun in RiDE.

Remember that copious meals should be avoided prior to physical effort. Hydrate your body.

In RiDE you get professional shoes. Remember that you are responsible for it. In case of damage or theft you are obliged to pay for it.

If you need any additional explanations, have questions or want to talk before or after the activity, the RiDE team is always at your service.

Zapewniamy buty kolarskie, ręczniki, wodę, czy świeże owoce, dostępne przy recepcji. Dodatkowo, w łazienkach znajdziesz wyposażenie i kosmetyki potrzebne do kąpieli. Weź ze sobą przede wszystkim dużo pozytywnej energii.

We provide cycling shoes, towels, water and fresh fruit - available at the reception desk. Additionally, you will find bathing cosmetics and accessories in the bathrooms. First of all bring lots of positive energy with you.

Activities include warm up, number of cardio and strengthening exercises, as well as a few-minute stretching /calming.

Opening hours

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