Everytime I meet someone and during the conversation I mention sport (at least among my friends and friends of mine) the first question is: which sport do you mean? And my answer always goes like: multiple sports, of course!

There are few variations of question coming next: how much money I am paying or getting paid due to how often I get engaged in sport, and what other benefits I have. As we all know, there are many of them. Those not cash involved have the highest value.

Improving mental health strength to reduction of stress and depression, proper self-motivation, boosting of self-confidence. And so on, and so on. When can count without an end. When we engage in multiple sports we tend to break different barriers and find new things. It can change our lives. And when I say „multiple sports” I mean our EveryDay Life.

Doing Sport is a fun and it could be a lot of it, but we focus on different side of this coin: on the efficiency. But what would you say, if I told you that even if you are not interested in doing sport and have no fun from it, you are involved anyways through our everyday activity? Contrary to our general thinking or assumption, that some people are not sport like, our whole life is based on exercise. Running to the bus – a modest version of the 100 m. Olympic sprint.Working in front of computer, my dear readers, it may not be the official or proper version of sit-ups, but your body is engaged in exercise; when the elevator closes right in front of your face, taking people from the ground floor to the 19th floor, and you live only on the 4th… suddenly the distance to the 4th floor becomes shorter than the waiting time for the elevator, what do you do? You start going up, it’s getting harder and harder, but you’re still going – because you know the boss will not understand and you have no way out. Your muscles, lunges, bones – your whole body is working.

Excercise can be done anywhere – even at home as steps can be measured. Since we now know we are engaged everyday, we can now focus on this different side; efficiency – i.e the Prefect blend of Puropse, discipline, knowledge and right motivation; making it fun.

In RideWarsaw we create the proper atmosphere for the right motivation as we have Instructors from different backgrounds and trained together to give the perfect blend of sport and fun, using music and, positive energy(always) making it easier for our clients throughout the workout session.

Meet the author: Adam Akala